Portfolio Servicing

CAR Financial Services provides payment processing and account servicing for third-party companies such as dealerships, finance companies, banks, and investment companies who hold or have acquired non-or sub-prime auto receivables.

Advantages to you:

  • Provides dealers with experienced and stable servicing resource so they can focus on increasing sales!
  • Gives lenders greater flexibility in the transition of an endangered investment when used in conjunction with our Back Up Servicing Program
  • CAR has facilities and infrastructure that can be scaled to any portfolio size as needed.
  • Weekly Reporting and distribution of funds via ACH that provides stability and confidence
  • Custom Reporting available to fit a dealer’s needs or in order to fit bank requirements for securitization or asset backed lending structures.
  • We charge only on what is collected – Pay for performance!
  • We do document insurance records
  • We handle all contract interval types (Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, and Weekly)
  • We can service any account size and maturity
  • We can service Leases too!
  • We are online and integrated with most GPS and Starter Interrupt Device providers
  • Servicing accounts can easily and quickly be sold to generate capital via any one of our Capital or Cash Flow Programs.

Program benefits:

  • Increase your cash flow!
  • Retain accurate account records!
  • Fast account transfers so that delinquencies and bad debt are reduced
  • Experienced staff with the latest in technology provide you with the most up to date resources