CAR financial Services has the ability to act as the Custodial Servicer for large dealers or for finance institutions that pledge assets to a third-party investor(s).  CAR Financial Services maintains a staff of tenured industry professionals who have experience in title management as well as E-title platforms such as VINtek. Our facilities are equipped with secure storage areas that contain fire resistant cabinets to protect any non-electronic titles.  Rest assured CAR Financial Services has the people, experience, facilities, and technology to provide a turnkey solution to your custodial servicing needs.

Advantages to You:

  • Provides actual protection at a minimal expense of time or money
  • Provides lenders greater flexibility in the transition of an endangered investment when used in conjunction with our Back Up Servicing or Portfolio Servicing platforms.
  • Improves speed of transition for troubled portfolios.
  • CAR has facilities and infrastructure that can be scaled to any portfolio size as needed.
  • Minimize your administration overhead expense by using our experienced team and technology.

Program Benefits:

  • Industry tenured and experienced staff put to work for you!
  • Scalable resources to fit your needs
  • Ability to manage both physical and e-titles
  • Minimize your in-house administrative expenses

Contact Us Today:

Dealers or Finance Companies:  1-877-570-8857

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Banks or other Lending Institutions:  1-877-786-0876