With over 25 years of experience in buying and servicing subprime automotive receivables, CAR Financial Services is an industry leader and understands the value created from these portfolios.  CAR’s experience through all economic cycles, all facets of automotive receivable servicing, and decades of evaluating underwriting based on performance provides a pedigree that few can match in this industry.  And we are happy to provide this expertise to you for free!

Advantages to You:

  • At no charge or obligation, CAR Financial will provide a dealer, finance company, or lending entity with an estimate of what your existing portfolio is worth in today’s market.
  • This estimate can provide a dealer with a solid range of what capital can be produced from their portfolio should the need arise.
  • Lenders can use these valuations as a benchmark to assess their risk on associated lines of credit.
  • Should a bank or lender feel the need to establish a secondary servicing option based on their current lending risk or based on the size of the portfolio, CAR Financial can assist with our Back Up Servicing program.

Program Benefits:

  • Over 25 years of experience that can accurately valuate your portfolio in line with today’s market.
  • This service is useful for both dealers and other lending entities that support dealers.
  • All data provided is protected under non-disclosure.

Contact Us Today:

Dealers or Finance Companies:  1-877-570-8857

Find your local representative here:  Local Manager Listing

Banks or other Lending Institutions:  1-877-786-0876