The DEAL program was developed for dealers who have a need for immediate cash flow. DEAL is a fixed term loan to the dealer which is secured by contracts pledged by the dealer. The dealer handles the account servicing and makes payments to CAR.

This program is offered to highly qualified dealers with a proven long term history in the BH/PH businesses. They must demonstrate financial security by providing detailed financial statements and static pool information on their portfolio.

Dealers can receive funding by pledging streams of payments from their in-house receivable base while maintaining their own underwriting criteria and retaining control of the collections.

How do I get started?

  • Complete and submit a Dealer Information Profile
  • Provide the last 2 years of business and personal financials
  • Provide complete customer information and account history on accounts you wish to pledge in the DEAL
  • Provide original documentation including contract & title

DEAL is designed to:

  • Improve cash flow for business needs
  • Maintain complete control on accounts
  • Retain back-end profitability
  • Provide dealer long term flexibility

Account qualifications:

  • Clean title in dealer possession
  • Accounts with accurate contact information and pay history
  • Preferred payments of $450 or less per month
  • All payment frequencies accepted
  • Preferred remaining terms on contract should be at least 2 times the interval being pledged.

After the stream is complete you can:

  • Pledge another stream of payments
  • Sell the account entirely via our Bulk Purchase Program
  • Keep the account and collect it

We support Starter Interrupt and GPS Devices!

  • CAR is integrated with most commonly used device providers
  • We support both code based and wireless devices
  • 24-hour automated service for certain code-based devices
  • Customer Service by phone available Monday – Friday 8am-6pm EST
  • For more information call your CAR Financial Services Representative or call 1-866-395-3837 and ask for the Starter Interrupt Department.