Floor Plan


CAR Financial now has Floor Plan financing available for small independent Buy Here Pay Here dealers.

As many financial providers have pulled their support from the automotive business, CAR Financial is expanding the services it offers in order to help dealers continue to expand their business.

The CAR Financial Floor plan gives a dealer a line of up to $100,000 in order to buy cars and keep their business moving.

Rates and fees are competitive. The dealer benefits by having other CAR Financial services available to give them a complete support structure from floor plan, to servicing, to receivable cash flow alternatives.

CAR Financial Floor Plan is designed to:

  • Help dealers obtain and maintain inventory through access to capital
  • Provide competitive rates for a service no longer supported by other financial institutions
  • Provide complete service to the dealer from inventory acquisition forward

Floor Plan General Parameters:

  • Maximum credit line of $100,000
  • No more than 25 cars on Floor Plan at one time
  • Maximum Floor per vehicle of $4,500
  • Monthly APR charges applied to open advances
  • Title release fee applies to paid off inventory
  • CAR holds all titles until advance on title is satisfied
  • Monthly reporting required

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