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A leading economist noted recently that more and more dealers are turning to the Buy Here-Pay Here (“BH/PH”) industry for its flexibility and the addition of new market lines. We all know that with this flexibility comes the need for Capital. While access to capital remains more difficult for the BH/PH industry, CAR Financial continues to be well positioned to support dealers’ short and long term capital needs by maintaining a focus specific to the BH/PH marketplace using a comprehensive suite of services designed to support dealers through the infusion of capital. Whether you are new to the BH/PH business or you are looking to expand your current BH/PH operations, CAR Financial Services can design a program to meet your needs. They buy notes and a WHOLE LOT MORE!


Cash flow issues have long plagued the BH/PH Industry. We have all been a part of the “paper rich and cash poor” position that is a constant strain on your cash flow. At CAR Financial, there are many programs that support a dealer through these times and in many cases allows the dealer to maintain control of both his customer and his back end profitability. Maintain or build your portfolio using your plan and CAR Financials capital.


CAR Financial has a proven track record of over 20 years in the Auto Finance industry. They can help you survive these difficult economic times by customizing a purchase/service program that meets your needs while providing quality service through a single dealer point of contact that is located near your dealership. They strive to understand your day to day business so that they can structure a program designed to meet your long term goals and objectives. Whether purchasing a stream of payments, purchasing all or part of your accounts outright, or simply servicing your BH/PH portfolio, the trusted professionals at CAR Financial are interested in working with you to meet your dealership needs.

CAR Financial Services, Inc. ("CAR") services both independent automotive dealers and automotive sub-prime financial organizations. CAR operates in 45 States and is continually evolving its programs to meet the ever changing needs of those we serve. Our strengths lie with our experienced and professional employees, our dedication to technology and a tradition of over 20 years of quality service.

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